[NCLUG] how much disk space to load X?

P. Scott DeVos scott at savingtree.com
Tue Jan 27 14:53:17 MST 2004

Try this:


This is a means to boot the compressed Knoppix image from a Hard drive. 
   I'm sure it could be adapted for the compact flash card if your BIOS 
supports booting from it. This technique allows you to fit the 2.3GB 
Knoppix distribution into 700MB.

Matt Rosing wrote:
> I'm wondering how much disk space is needed to run enough linux to
> have an X terminal.  I'd like to make a quiet (as in no moving parts)
> box and put my compute/server in the furnace room.  I can get rid of
> all the fans using something like mini-itx.  But I also want to get
> rid of the disk drive and was thinking of using compact flash as a
> bootable drive.  A 1GB compact flash is under $200.  So the question
> is can I build enough of a system run X, have audio, usb, keyboard,
> mouse, etc, and fit it in 1GB with swap and all that stuff.  
> On my current system I have about 1.3 GB used in / and a bit more in
> /boot.  But I assume I don't need most of that.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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