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Michael Riversong chylogos at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 16 10:24:03 MDT 2014

Good to hear from you!  Thanks for the data -- very helpful.  

I've messed around with Chrome a little, and don't trust it so far.

In general i've found tablets to be really handy for travel and study, but unable to do many word processing and DTP functions that i typically need.  As someone who has formatted whole books, the limitations of tablets are beyond annoying.  Actually i've never evaluated the Samsung Galaxy for these advanced functions.  Is it better than all the others in that respect?

Right now i'm working to get ready for the Earth Day thing this Saturday.  (Really happy to see the Sustainable Living Organization has managed to survive what happened back in the fall.)  Still need another volunteer or two for the Tesla Academy educational project that day.  Know anybody?  It's an easy way to do something really significant for advanced technology.  Anyway have a wonderful week!  also, your interview is still available at the Tesla Academy web site.

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>Hi Michael! Haven't heard from you in a long time, last time was the
>Sustainable Living Fair a couple years ago..
>(I'm one of the crazy wind power people).
>I rely on netbooks because of their small size and weight, and cheap
>price....I use them for working on data loggers and doing my job in
>extremely remote areas, and am often hauling them around by helicopter,
>whitewater raft, backpacking etc. It's brutal on electronics and I've
>zorched thru a few.
>Netbooks are getting really hard to find these days.....everyone in town
>wants to sell you a small high-performance one for $800-$2k. I need cheap
>and semi-disposable. I suggest buying online, and install Linux
>yourself....there are many options online. Mine have all been ASUS
>recently.  I'm using Linux Mint and quite happy with it; even Windoze 7
>-trained field techs hardly notice it's Linux. I almost got a
>Chromebook-type last year to hack back to Linux, but was not confident I
>could pull of the hack in time for the wind power class I had to teach.
>Still might try it.
>Good luck. Most of the time now when I travel, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy
>S4 Android phone with bluetooth keyboard--my pico-computer. But it can't
>read those data loggers and Linux can.
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Michael Riversong
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