[NCLUG] Fort Collins Startup Week

Ben West mrgenixus at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 08:06:19 MDT 2014

Hey Everyone,
No doubt most people are aware of Fort Collins Startup Week (
http://www.ftcstartupweek.co/) [
this year's events run May 20th - 25th.

My Employer *Quick Left* kicks off Boulder Startup Week with a hackfest the
day before the official start of the events, and we were approached about
one for FCSW.  Since FCSW is the week after BSW and coming up soon, we
won't have time to get one setup, and don't really have any way to host
one.  If anyone knows of space or sponsors interested in holding one May
19th, please let me know and I will be introing the to our organizer, to
see if we can get that done.

I've also been asked to participate in a tech talk track for the startup
week, and would like to suggest you contact organizers if you would like to
participate, either to give a talk or attend.

I believe you should be able to contact Chris Snook through the site.

-- Ben

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